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We Are One!

New England Grass Roots Foundation Mission Statement

The New England Grass Roots Foundation promotes knowledge of cannabis for patients and their families in order to support informed choices in care. Our efforts include education programs and sustaining a community that recognizes cannabis as important for improving quality of life.


How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds: A Step-By-Step Guide
By Danny Danko
https://hightimes.com/grow/germinate-cannabis-seeds/ "Some people choose to use the moist paper towel method to germinate their seeds but I recommend just sowing them directly into the medium you plan to grow in. This reduces any stress the seedling will suffer through the transplanting process and secures the young plant firmly into your chosen mix.

Moist Paper Towel: Place seeds on a plate between two moistened paper towels. Put a plate on top to cover and within a couple of days, you should see the seed cracked open and a taproot emerging. Immediately and carefully (using tweezers) place your seed into your growing medium taproot down and water it in.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with using a moist paper towel, as long as you’re gentle with the emerging tap root and as long as you don’t let the taproot grow too long before planting. My belief is simply to start the plant in its own medium to reduce the likelihood of damaging the tender young roots and shoots.

Straight Into Medium: Poke a hole in your pre-moistened grow medium of choice. Drop your seed in about a quarter- to a half-inch deep. Cover the seed with more of your medium and tamp it down gently.

The important thing is to not plant too deeply and to keep the medium moist and warm for the best germination success rate. Clear plastic wrap placed over the top of the container helps maintain humidity. A heating mat underneath your plastic tray will increase your success rate as well." Full article at:

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Remembering all of our fallen Veterans this Memorial Day

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Hi friends New England Grass Roots Foundation is officially announcing the cancelation of our june vendor party. We're so sorry to do this but the venue remains closed and with our cancer patient base, and using an abundance of caution we don't feel we can call our friends together just yet. Sorry for the cancel.
Some vendors have agreed to donate their table fee and we're grateful for you, if you're able to postpone with us to the next scheduling opportunity we would be grateful especially as events are our main source of patient fund income. If you are unable to hold with us, we absolutely understand that during these tough times!
Please request a refund. We will reach out to vendors this week to confirm.
Thank you.
Miss you all.
Please consider purchasing an annual New England Grass Roots Foundation Membership for $20.00 on www.grassroot420.org
Are you already a member?
Please consider a donation on on website that you might have spent at our event if possible! These funds go directly to providing for and supporting cancer patients in medical crisis.

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